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About Tourline Express
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History | Facts | Tourline Express Technology


Tourline Express was created in 1996 and, since then, its growth has been spectacular, quickly positioning itself in the market due to its quality and efficient handling of shipments. It has continuously opened new offices, and its demonstrated success and increasing market share have made Tourline Express and its business model a reference in the industry. Since July 2005 it has been part of CTT Group, the Portuguese postal company which includes the firms, CTT and the homologous organisation for Tourline Express, CTT Expresso.

The company’s expansive and innovative nature and its will to constantly improve have been constant over the years, continuously studying the needs of our clients and incorporating added value to our services to allow us to meet any new needs as they arise. As such and based on service specialisation, Tourline Express has always looked to new markets and obtained the trust of our clients on a daily basis.


CTT Group

The urgent transport sector and the logistics industry, in general, have undergone numerous changes over the last few years, with a significant concentration of firms. This fact along with Tourline Express’ excellent growth, made the company the centre of attention for several large European postal and logistics firms. In July 2005, Portugal’s public postal company, CTT Correios, wagered on an ambitious expansion plan, acquiring 100% of Tourline Express. This enabled the Portuguese group to launch its “Iberian Project”, uniting the Spanish and Portuguese markets as a single domestic market.

CTT is the largest postal distributor and logistics operator in Portugal, billing nearly 770 million euros annually. At the same time, it is also one of the largest business groups in Portugal, its mission being to establish the best possible physical and electronic relations possible with all its clients: citizens and companies. It operates in the postal distribution, courier, logistics, document production and management, advertising, finance and electronic service sectors. It has an incomparable logistics network in Portugal, with nearly 800 offices, nearly 350 distribution centres and more than 3,000 delivery vehicles which cover the entire country. It is also the public company employing the largest number of people in the country, with nearly 14,000 employees.


Founded in 1996.
It obtained AENOR certification in 1999.
In July 2005, the Portuguese public postal company, CTT Correios, purchased 100% of Tourline Express, thus launching its “Iberian Project” representing the culmination of the company’s expansion plans.
In 2012 its quality assurance policy reached its culminating moment, with 100% of its offices and 100% of its logistics platforms certified.
It has a network of around 240 offices.

More than 2.600 professionals.
More than 1.320 vehicles.
19logistics platforms.
A network of more than 300 routes.
The trust of more than 40.000 clients.

Tourline Express Technology

Tourline Express works every day to provide its clients with the technological solutions and tools to make managing, tracking and identifying the packages they send more easily.

  • All items shipped include a label with a bar code, making them unique. In addition, this label allows keeping track of packages in real time throughout the Tourline Express network.
  • Thanks to the TourOnTrack application, both the sender and recipient can keep track of their package on line, including information regarding the exact time it was delivered and who signed for it.
  • The SGC application allows for offices, central services and its own clients to communicate in real time.
  • Delivery personnel use mobile devices (PDAs) which can monitor any information regarding deliveries, thus increasing the efficiency of our service.
  • Automatic confirmation of package status via e-mail or short text messages, both for the recipient and the sender.
  • System integration solutions to facilitate communications between clients and their office.
  • Online visualisation of delivery receipts, both from Tourline Express and the client.
  • Camera surveillance to track packages at the logistics platforms.
  • Geo-tracking systems for packages.
  • Items are sent in special containers to ensure they are not damaged.