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Legal information

1. The Company:

TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA is a Spanish Single-Member Limited Liability company whose primary line of business is is courier and land parcel. The company is duly registered with the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in volume 32,286, file 163, section 8, page M-581,101, and is headquartered in Coslada, Calle Alcarria 8 - 28823, Madrid.

Tel.: (34) 933784305 | E-mail:

Registration code in the General Data Protection Registry: 48316/2003
File the responsibility of: TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U.

2. User Conditions:

Whomsoever uses this website does so at his/her own risk and expense. TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions included in this website’s content or any content found in any other website accessed through the latter. In addition, TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. shall not be held liable for any possible damages deriving from the use of this website nor for any action based on the information or data provided therein.

TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. does not guarantee that its website is free of any and all computer viruses or other elements which may damage or prejudice the User’s computer system, electronic documents or files as a result of using this website. As such, TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. shall not be held liable for any damages or prejudice caused to the User or any third party.

TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U has no control over the websites or web pages managed by third parties and accessed from this website through links. TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. cannot be held liable for the content or state of said websites and web pages. Access to the latter through this website in no way implies that TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. recommends or approves of the content they include.

3. Legal notice on the use of personal data:

Through this legal notice, TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U., headquartered at Calle Alcarria 8 - 28823, Coslada (Madrid) and with e-mail address, does hereby inform Users of its websites (,,, and about its privacy policy regarding the protection of the personal data which Users freely and voluntarily provide TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U., as well as any data which may be required or may be gathered when Users request any service provided by TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. through any of its websites:,,, and

TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. reserves the right to modify this policy and adapt it to meet any new or future legal or jurisdictional requirements or changes.

The personal data gathered shall be automatically processed and incorporated into equally automated data files by TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U., the titleholder of said file under its responsibility.

The User guarantees that the personal data he/she provides TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. is correct. He/she also commits himself/herself to notify the company of any change in said data.

The aim of the automated gathering and processing of personal data is to respond to User requests, maintain, manage, administer, provide, and broaden the services to which the User freely subscribes, for the User to register, adapt services to the User’s preferences and tastes, study how Users use the services provided, design new services related to the latter, send service updates, and send technical, operational and commercial information about TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U.’s products and services either through traditional or electronic means.

The aim of the automated gathering and processing of personal data also includes sending Users periodic questionnaires. However, the User is not obligated to complete these.

TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. has adopted the necessary personal data security measures required by law and makes all attempts to install those means and additional technical measures at its disposal to avoid the incorrect use, alternation, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data Users provide. That notwithstanding, the User is aware that no safety measures available on Internet are completely foolproof.

TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. shall not be held liable for any incorrect, inappropriate or illicit use of the information appearing on its website.

The User may exercise his/her recognised right to access, cancel, rectify and oppose his/her personal data by writing to TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. through the e-mail address, or its headquarters found on Calle Alcarria 8, 28823, Coslada (Madrid).

4. Copyright notice:

The entire content of this website, including texts, images, sounds, files, frames, logos, colour combinations or any other element including its structure and design, the selection and layout of the material presented herein and the necessary computer programmes for its correct functioning, access and use, are protected by copyright belonging to TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. or, if applicable, its licensors, and the User shall hereby respect said copyright.

In particular, but not limited to the general obligations falling upon the User as expressed in the previous paragraph, no part of the content included in this website, its design and the layout of the contents included therein may be reproduced, except for private use, transformed, distributed, publically communicated, made available to the public or, in general, exploited by any procedure or means without the express authorisation of TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. and always making explicit reference that all copyrights belong to TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U.

It is also expressly prohibited for Users to disassemble, deconstruct, carry out any reverse engineering process, sublicense, transmit by any means, translate, or carry out work derived from both the computer programs needed for any part or all of the website’s operation, access and use as well as those pertaining to the services contained as described in the previous paragraph. In addition, the website User must, at all times, abstain from eliminating, altering, eluding or manipulating any protective measure or system which may be included in said website.

5. Data processing:

As a result of the User’s request for additional information, said User hereby consents and accepts that the telephone number and/or e-mail address he/she has provided shall be included in a data file belonging to TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. The aim of this data file is to study the best offers for the service the User has requested as well as to send him/her offers regarding the services provided by TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U., its subsidiaries or third-party companies which provide the services for which the User has expressed an interest.

Similarly, the User expressly consents to the cession of said data to companies providing messenger or courier services which collaborate with TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U., as well as the TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. office which corresponds to the User’s postal code, in all cases, whenever required to contract said services as well as to formulate offers regarding said services.

The User also hereby consents to the cession of his/her data to those operators whose intervention is required to provide the services requested. The aim of said consent is to assist in informing, contracting, managing and promoting the courier services provided by TOURLINE EXPRESS MENSAJERÍA S.L.U. As permitted by law, this consent may be revoked, and the User may exercise his/her right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose said data by calling (+34) 900 809 400 and requesting his/her inclusion in the Robinson list.